Save Alice Bright Lane, Crowborough


Alice Bright Lane is a rural lane outside the country town of Crowborough in East Sussex. Over recent years, over-enthusiastic Council planners have approved a number of large scale developments which have gradually eroded the green space which has had a detrimental effect on the countryside surrounding this rural location.

In recent weeks, 2 planning applications have been submitted to Wealden District Council who are now considering whether to permit further harmful encroachment on the countryside and its residents (both humans and animals alike). Both of these locations are situated outside the permitted development boundary for the town.

33 houses on an agricultural field of 4.6 acres (WD/2021/0992/MAO)

There's still time to object

Although the public consultation period has ended. Your objection may still be counted if a decision hasn’t been made so please object if you want to!

4 houses built by destroying woodland of 0.98 acres (WD/2022/1639/F)

There's still time to object

Although the public consultation period has ended. Your objection may still be counted if a decision hasn’t been made so please object if you want to!

Ways to object

There are several ways to object to planning applications:

  • Use the email buttons above for the respective application (remember to write your own objection and delete the instructions in the draft email. Please remember to include your name and address on your objection)
  • Use the online form on the planning portal
  • By post to: Planning and Environmental Services, Wealden District Council, Vicarage Lane, Hailsham, East Sussex, BN27 2AX (make sure you include the planning reference numbers along with your name and address)
  • Email Wealden District Council’s planning department. The relevant emails are:

You should also copy in the District Councillors who are responsible for planning. These people are elected so need to understand the our dissatisfaction with the continued erosion of our green space with no coherent strategy to address infrastructure or protect the natural environment:

Neil Waller (Conservative);

Johanna Howell (Conservative);

Note that when using the email buttons above that you need to delete the text instructions in the email and add your own objection commentary after the first sentence.
Also, make sure to include your name and address on your objection as objections without these details may not be counted.

How else can you get involved?

If you’re passionate about keep reducing the amount and rate of urbanisation of our town and preventing the destruction of our valued green space for our children and grandchildren then we have to take action.

You can do this through one of the following ways:

Register your objection

The first and most important thing to do is to register your objection to developments using the buttons above. 

This will email the planning authority, you can also copy in the relevant Councillors to show the strength of feeling and opposition to the urbanisation of our beautiful town.

Spread the word

The more people that know about these proposals and object to them the higher the chance we have of defeating these applications.

Please share this site verbally and on social media (links at bottom to make it easy to do so).

Help us with our funding

We are currently self funding this initiative and every little helps with keeping this site running, printing, legal bills (we may have to engage lawyers to fight these applications).

We’ve set up a GoFundMe page for those who want to assist financially and we’re grateful for any amount people would care to donate to the cause.

Some of the resident wildlife living in and around Alice Bright Lane that is under threat from the proposed developments

Sign up here for updates

If you would like to be kept up to date with developments regarding the ongoing planning applications and our efforts to stop the overdevelopment of our lovely town please sign up for updates below

Make your voice heard

The success of this campaign to stop overdevelopment depends on you.

Please take the time to object to both applications as the green light to develop outside the town’s development boundary sets a very dangerous precedent. Both applications destroy vital habitat and further harm the environment we are trying to protect

Email your objections now. It only takes a minute but the habitat is lost forever if the developments go ahead