Other potential development

In recent weeks, two of the SHELAA sites outside of Crowborough’s development boundary have made formal planning applications seeking permission to build 37 houses. There is a risk of a development precedent being set should either of these applications be approved, likely paving the way for further applications to follow.

In the map on the right:

Red marks Alice Bright Lane

Pink sites are those with current planning applications

Orange sites are those that have been submitted as part of the SHELAA process and indicate the horrifying scale of interest in destroying green spaces to make way for residential development.

Sites submitted in the SHELAA process. They are at risk of development

It won't stop here

These applications are the thin end of the wedge. If approved they pave the way for further destruction of our cherished green space and wildlife habitat

What you can do to help save our green spaces in and around Alice Bright Lane?

What is SHELAA?

Local authorities periodically make calls for development land submissions under a process known as “Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment”, or “SHELAA”. Wealden’s most recent call for sites was in late 2021.

SHELAA sites do not indicate that permission to develop will be granted, however it is a clear indication that the land owner may have residential development in mind.

The area around Alice Bright Lane sits outside of Crowborough’s development boundary, so historically all residential developments have been rejected. We are working to ensure that this remains the case.